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Shows the impact of the arts in downtown Phoenix over the last 30 years, including the significant people, places, institutions, and events that used the arts to create the vibrant downtown we have today.


Shines a spotlight on the significant role the arts played and will continue to play in building Phoenix into a pre-eminent 21st century city. will be a digital resource to learn more about the artists, studios, galleries, institutions, and neighborhoods that made the arts integral to Phoenix during this important 30 year period.


Shows how 30 years of arts initiatives have developed our unique sense of place – including individuals who’ve made a difference, artists, grassroots groups, enlightened city policies, business initiatives, and institutional programs that provided a tangible and evolving vision of the city we want.


The book and the website show Phoenix is the kind of modern city where people want to live, work and play: a city that values the essential impact of aesthetics on our collective psyche – creating pride and a uniquely Phoenix sense of place. A city that works for everyone.


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Our Phoenix Story


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